Lough Corrib is the largest of the Western Loughs, 32 miles or 51 km long full of islands and bays a novice to this lough could get lost quite easily.
The lake has many dangerous rocks and anglers would be well advised to employ a boatman when fishing this lough. Fishing on Corrib starts on the 15th of February and runs until September the 30th. Fishing on Corrib does not require a permit.
Corrib produces many specimen trout every year but mainly to those trolling lures in the deeps. A typical fly caught bag would be of fish 3/4 lb to 2lb with the odd 3 or 4lb fish thrown in. Corrib often fishes well from the opening day until the end of September and is noted for its consistent Mayfly hatches, which usually start mid May. Most fish in the early season will be caught on Duckfly (large buzzer) imitations. Salmon also run into the lough and can be caught on fly.