Flies for The Irish Lough Trout.

Flies required for your trip range from the Traditional Bumbles, in Claret, Golden Olive and Olive. (sizes 12-8)

A range of Dabblers, most importantly, Silver, Pearl, Claret and Golden Olive. (sizes 12-8).

Other traditional patterns include Mallard & Claret, Sooty Olive, Connemara Black, Dunkeld, Black Pennell, Bibio, Cock Robin, Butcher, Peter Ross, Raymond, Invicta, Silver Invicta, Golden Olive and Fiery Brown all in sizes 10-14.

Other flies that will be needed are Green Peter, Murrough, (both large Sedges) and Mayfly patterns.

Also recommended are Hares ear nymphs, Buzzer imitations and a range of Dry flies.