A personal guiding and gillie service for Brown trout fishing in Ireland including boat hire on Lough Carra

Trout Angling in Ireland

Lough Carra Is the smallest of the western lakes at 4000 acres. It is an intricate Lough with many bays and points. A clear lake, it is the safest of the western lakes.
    Carra has good fishing all year but is overshadowed by its larger neighbours Loughs Corrib and Mask. The Lough produces fish to 5 or 6 lb on a regular basis and in that regard fish of 2lb+ are the norm in this Lough. Carra has generous hatches of fly all year from the opening date March 1st until the close on September 30th and can produce to both traditional wet fly methods and to the dry fly. The spent gnat fishing can be phenomenal with dry flies on a balmy evening. The average size for Carra is greater than any other of the Western Loughs.

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